Our Vision
We are clearly focused on becoming the preferred vertically integrated franchisor in Africa - not by size but by excelling in our chosen areas of diversified operation. We believe being the best means that superior returns for franchisees and stakeholders are just as important as responsible governance and corporate citizenship.
We boldly aim to double our earnings by February 2014 (from 1 March 2012)
Our Mission
Taste is a South African-based management group that is invested in a portfolio of mostly franchised, category specialist and formula-driven, quick-service restaurant and retail brands that have the following characteristics:
They are sustainably and compellingly branded, where the brand itself is an important differentiating factor.

They can reasonably be developed to be the South African customer’s first choice in the categories in which they trade.

They maintain value leadership through operational excellence supported by high volumes relative to the category in which they trade.

They have common customers in the broad middle market and offer these customers strong value propositions relative to their segment.

The value proposition and brand equity is driven by relatively large marketing funds within their segment.
On balance, they offer sustainable returns to franchisees commensurate with the capital investment, risk and effort incurred to own and operate an individual outlet.

Each format is appropriately differentiated but complementary, relative to the balance of the Taste portfolio.

Each format offers opportunities for vertical integration such that material profit streams can reasonably be expected from sourcing and distribution, franchise management royalties and company store ownership.

Each format both adds and derives value from being part of the Taste portfolio greater than would be possible as a standalone entity.